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Another Great Movies with Cri-Cri

Download Cri-Cri's aerobatics video movies

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Video #1
Engines's starting
download clip
1,5 MB
Video #2
flying with Cri-Cri somewhere in France
download clip
5,1 MB
Video #3
Group flying with two Cri-Cris
download clip
4,7 MB
Video #4
Starting from ridden JEEP! This video needs player Apple QuickTime Player.
download clip
0,9 MB
Video #5
Flying above airport.
download clip
2,6 MB
Video #6
This video has been sent by Neville Hay (CriCri ZK LBW) from New Zealand. Thank you Neville!

download clip
small version
4,8 MB

download ZIP
big version
22 MB

Video #7
This video has been filmed by André Bernet from Switzerland. Thank you too!

download clip
small version
29,2 MB

download big version
big version
132 MB

Publish your Cri-Cri movies!

You can't imagine, how I would be happy to see and public your private movies with flying Cri-Cri. If you are interested and you are able to send it, go to contacts page and send it ASAP. You will be really surprised, how many people wants to see your flying and unique plane! :-)