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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. When I could buy or sell my Cri-Cri?

I'd like to reccomend some ways to get Cri-Cri. There is no chance to get the kit of the plane, so you have to depend on the Internet, eBay or my website part for sale / buy.

2. What is the price? How much does it cost to buy and fly Cri-Cri?

Yes, this is a typical question I receive every month, and everytime can not answer. I really don't know! Due to impossibility to buy the kit by the professional company, you can buy only used plane, or uncompleted homebuilt. Typical price is somewhere about $ 10.000 - 15.000 USD, but you can buy it cheaply when it's not completed. Indeed, you will pay more dollars or euros, when the plane will be well equipped with good engines, etc.

3. Do you have more videos of flying Cri-Cri?

No. I was trying to get more movies, but it is really hard to get the video from the net. Fortunately I found some interesting movies, and also thanks to few pilots who flies with the Cri Cri I got any more. I will be absolutely glad to see your videos, if you have. Send it to my e-mail at about page.

4. Petr, do you have Cri-Cri? ;-)

No.. Unfortunately I have not Cri-Cri. I am only big fan of this plane (is it surprising?:)).