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Cri-Cri engineer / links / aircraft plans

Contact to Cri-Cri's designer - an official aircraft plans seller

Michel Colomban
37 Bis Rue La Kanol
92500 Rueil Malmaison
Fax: 0033 147 51 8876

Note: If you are interested in Cri-Cri original plans, send either mail or fax to this address - Mr.Colomban is owner of design rights and is also very enthusiastic in sport flying, he could help you. I am writting this note because of many people writting to my address and wanting plans and informations - I AM NOT OWNER OF CRI-CRI OR PLANS FOR BUILDING THIS PLANE:-)!

Links to other Cri-Cri pages

Cri-Cri group at Yahoo - very recomended link, if you're interested in building, flying, selling or buying of your Cri-Cri.

Wayne Butt's website on Cri-Cri on New Zealand - wow Cri-Cris are all over the world!

F-PMAY's website

Website about Cri-Cri by Terry

Photogallery of new version on Epinal '99

Homepage of the Cri-Cri Model for MSFS 2004, which you can download on my website

Very good, multi-lingual site about Cri-Cri and Cricket planes Include videos, photogallery.

Gallery of Cri-Cries powered by jet!

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